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I've posted an updated link to EVE echoes

You aren't involved, however the chief of eve echoes isk the EE SHH alliance would be the one who did it. Lol dude. You're screwing up your narrative. They are suggesting that I was involved.Are you men not in the same organization? Are you okay with after a dude who plays obvious alt-right puppy whistles?Last I checked they are adults thanks to a beautiful little portion of the constitution they're allowed to express themselves ever they want. That being said take your virtue signaling political elsewhere.Did you choose a civics class? Is it true that the constitution provide the right to free address in metropolitan areas?

Why does this create so a lot of people so salty? Are you going to form up countless pilots and teach us a lesson? Will you grab the chance take down EEs initial citadel? PLEASE DO. We are getting tired of the travelling, and NORF has nothing left in the north to kill.

GH wrecked you guys lol how do you say we dropped 200 for your 20 haha.I do not know exactly what to tell you however attempt the video out. I'm not sure in which the wreckt component came in.I have found and fixed the problem causing reprocessing errors. All mineral reprocessing values should now fit in game values.I would also want to caution any of you utilizing reprocessing table clocks from other sources. It turns out every single one I've found actually has incorrect data if you actually compare in match worth. In many cases it's very near, so one reprocess of 100 ore may look right but if you reprocess a few thousand then numbers will begin to be slightly incorrect, and then the further you reprocess the longer wrong the amounts get.

I've posted an updated link to the spreadsheet because individuals awakened the original. You need to now make a backup to have the ability to use the sheet. The linked version is read only.

I hope you have all been locating the business Calculator really useful, and invite you to everyone who has given feedback. The focus for this release is to permit the calculator to track and update resource stock to create generating components and tracking progress towards making parts easier. Here are the major new features:

"On Hand" columns for Ores, Minerals, and Planetary Materials. These columns may be used to keep a tally of your present available resources.Cost Calculation Setting - This is a new dropdown with two choices:The"Total Component" choice will place the sheet into a way to compute full component costs, dismissing on hand tools. Placing the sheet within this mode will strike the on hand column values to denote that they're being ignored for eve isk for sale cost calculations.

I've posted an updated link to EVE echoes 193 Bytes
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