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The anti-EZscape audience probably won't want to admit

Correct. The pvp community is quite small when compared to this skilling and pvm community, I'm fearful. Leagues take a LOT of work and I doubt Jagex wants to alienate a large portion of the community in RS gold a single.

Same. I hope a fracture is all it takes... The league could have killed osrs for me later on. Going back into 1/16 of the speed is going to be FUCKING BRUTAL.I concur that this really is actually the most fun I have had playing osrs, rather than at a"I do not enjoy the main game any more" manner, I REALLY like the main game, but leagues would be so much fun. My only regret is that I don't have a second consideration to try an alternate set of regions/relics on.

You may easily create a second account for this, it's not like you need to play the most important game at all in order to access Leagues.

The anti-EZscape audience probably won't want to admit it but it turns out this game is actually more enjoyable for a Great Deal of people when you don't have to spend 30 hours clicking brown rocks to get to your next goal

But it's probably a lot more fun since we're used to the slow xp prices. It wouldn't feel as fun if it had been constantly OP, since then it wouldn't be OP it'd only be.Exactly, I am at the point where every fucking thing takes so damn long in my damn ironman and it's so unfun. Multiple hours to get one agility level is not rewarding. I understand that's just how the game is, but it's 1 reason so many men and women are on and off this game so much. Get a burst of energy to perform, play pretty hard and accomplish a few goals, and then be burnt out and retire yet next time.

I feel like that is a massive draw at precisely the exact same time tho.

There is no other game that I can be working on an cheap RuneScape gold account for literal decades. Even if I quit for a year or 2 this accounts is there waiting for me to come back and pick up where I left off, and I know there is going to be stuff to go for.

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