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SIL calculation software

Powerful equipment, flammable chemicals, and high-pressure processes can all easily lead to hazardous or even deadly incidents. The process industry, especially the oil, gas and chemical sector, is hazardous and it is crucial to ensure the safety of our assets and of our workers. Therefore, it is essential to identify and prevent potential hazards on site. Many plants rely on Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) to help address these potential failures to, in turn, prevent the hazards from occurring. Failure Rate data for each component can be obtained from the equipment manufacturers. But, even with this available, the calculation is quite sophisticated. Therefore, it is recommended to use good SIL assessment software / SIL calculation software to determine the SIL. Also, user competency and experience are essential, and the input of many disciplines are required. Furthermore, SIFpro includes a failure rate database and an extensive library for initiating event safeguards. The solution also documents the system’s design, logic, and history to provide a consistent and defensible approach to safety system designs. Data analysis and reporting features allow users to make informed decisions. VIsit now

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