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Key elements of a film review 2021

A film review. How to write a film review? What is a film review, even? These are the questions that must be playing your mind right about now. This is why you are here, right? Someone, somewhere along the way has given you the task of writing a film review and you are just about clueless about it "Write my essay". This is because you have no idea what the main elements of a film review are. And this is exactly what you need to learn. Once you know about the main elements, you will know what you need to include in your review. Simple. So, let us get you started on your review. Here are the main elements of any good film review.



Element #1: The Plot

So, this one is obvious. You need to review the plot of the film and decide if it was yay or nay. A professional essay writer or even a film reviewer always starts off a film review with the plot as it is the easiest to discuss. So, talk about the plot. Did you like it? Did it feel a bit bland at times? Did it have any exciting plot twists that felt you gasping? These questions will answer the yay or nay point.

Element #2: The Theme

Every film has got to have a theme.  Most films have multiple themes so you will have plenty of material to discuss. But the point here is that you need to criticize the themes. Ask yourself this? Were you even able to identify the themes in the film? And if yes, then were those themes intriguing to you? I get that these are subjective questions but then again, a film review is also pretty subjective.

Element #3: Cinematography

What is that exactly? It's what you call the visual language of the film. If you have ever had a review written from a essay writing service then you will know that they ALWAYS talk about the cinematography of a film. This is because cinematography gives high appeal to the audience. Dunkirk became famous for its cinematography. The setting, lighting, and even the wardrobe of the film made it so visually stunning that most people forgot how they couldn't even understand the film.

Element #4: Acting

This is one of the first things one can think of when they think of a film review. Was the acting any good? And why not? Acting matters too much. Even the best of the plots can be ruined by bad acting. Remember how The Godfather Part 3 got a bad rating simply because Sophia Copolla was never meant to be an actor? Yeah. So, when you talk about acting, think about the facial expressions of the actors. 

Element #5: Dialogue

Another thing that you can think about is dialogue delivery. Or simply about the dialogue itself. Does it sound too cliche? Does it come off as awkward or inorganic? One of the biggest problems in the Star Wars prequels were the dialogues as they were totally inorganic. Know that there needs to be a balance between meaningful conversation and ensuring that the dialogue does not seem out of the world.

Element #6: Editing

Nowadays, every single movie contains VFX or SFX to the point that most of a scene is made up of a green screen. Sometimes, this is a good thing.

Other times, it can be terrible. Like Dwayne Johnson in The Mummy Returns, terrible. So, you need to give some thought on how good the editing is. Here, you also need to keep the budget of a film in mind as editing is highly costly.

Element #7: Music and the Sounds

Music tends to set up the mood in any scene. Even a horrific scene can be made funny simply by changing the music and sound effects "write my paper". This happens a lot in comedic movies and horror movies create suspense via sounds. So, you need to think about whether or not the music is in harmony with the story and if it is affecting the dialogue. You need to be able to hear dialogue more than the music.

Element #8: Direction

There is a reason why the director gets more praise than anyone but the actor. The director of any film needs to have a single and uniform vision which is translated through the scenes of the movie. Apart from vision, the execution of the vision matters a great deal too. When both these factors have been combined together, then you will be met with a masterpiece.

Element #9: One of a Kind?

Is this film one of a kind? That's it. This is the question that you need to answer by the end of your film review. Why do horror movies usually get a low rating? That is because they do not include something new or unique. Even if your film brings in new elements to filmmaking, it does not necessarily make it one of a kind. A film needs to be highly unique to pass this criteria so think hard on it.

And that’s how you write a film review.

You include all these elements in your review and watch how perfect it turns out to be. If not, then get a bit of help. Go online and search for one of those “dissertation writers” websites. These websites sell film reviews as well so you can get one of those online. Then you can study that review, match it with your own, and correct your mistakes.

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