Authored by Carole

how does Neuromarketing relate to SEO?

Without spoiling the book, I wanted to share some of his results with you – to inspire you, as it has done for me:

On the TV show about professional transcription service, Coke, Cingular and Ford were the three main advertising sponsors – they all had 30 second commercial spots, but:

  • Coca Cola also had the judges (Simon Cowell) always drinking from a red Coca Cola cup
  • Cingular had control of the text message voting during the show.
  • Ford only had the thirty second ads spots

The test:

There were a total of 400 subjects who were shown 20 logos – some of them were from the show, including Coke, Cingular and Ford and these are going to be referred to as product placement branded logos. The other logos had nothing to do with the show, like Ebay, Fanta etc.. these are referred to as non branded logos. They then showed the subjects a special 20 minute version of American Idol as well as an episode of a different show.**

**I’ve cut quite a bit of detail out from the book, I guess you’ll just have to read it!

The results:

After viewing the shows, the product placement branded logos actually inhibited the recall of the unbranded logos. So the subjects memory of say Coke was increased while their memory for unbranded logos (ex. Ebay) was actually weakened.

Coke was more memorable than Cingular, and much more memorable than Ford. In fact, the subjects actually remembered less about the Ford commercials then they had before entering the study! Ford spent 26 million USD only to lose market share! Incredible.



Coke played an integral part in the show, through clever product placement and integration they were able to form a strong bond between the drink and the emotions provoked in the show. Remember that each judge had a Coke glass to drink from throughout the entire show – so every happy, inspirational, heart-wrenching, joyful moment in the show had at least a flash of the judge’s desk with the Coke glass front and center.

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