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A Quality Sample of Annotated Bibliography Based on the Cloning Debate

Writing an annotated bibliography is no rocket science but some students find it a daunting task as they do not have proper guidance to look up to. If you're one of those individuals then you've landed on the right page. This article intends to show you how to write annotated bibliographies not by merely stating guidelines but by actually putting those guidelines into practice. To make the learning process easier for you, we’ve brought a sample written on a very interesting topic.  I’m sure you’d be eager to learn about it just like I am. For essay samples, you can ask the writing service for help or say write my essay.


The topic on which the sample is written is cloning. There is tons of debate going on around the world on this topic. So, this annotated bibliography example will show you how to critically evaluate the sources on the topic of discussion. Since we know that annotated bibliographies are made to evaluate the authenticity and relevance of the source, that is exactly what we’re going to do with each source.

Sample Annotated Bibliography on Cloning


Richard, B. (2016). “Debate on Cloning” ABC Press 23.48 22 Feb. 2016. QPR Researcher. Damon A. Salvatore Library, Mesa, CA.


The overall image of genetic engineering is broadly presented by the author of this article.  His views are obtained from the work of different scientists and scholars.  The outright majority of these researchers back claim with evidence that many illnesses can be healed by the use of this gene therapy. Scientists have done a lot of testing of cloned embryos and treated illnesses that had no other treatment.


However, the author also discovered that scientists refute the reproductive cloning mechanism since they claim that the process devalues the unique identity of human existence, and also it is ethically wrong to put clones in a situation that is vulnerable to harm. There is a high rate of failure in cloning. The author also agrees that it is morally wrong to destroy human embryos for the sake of experiments. You can ask someone to essay writer service and complete your work on time. 


Stefan, R. (2017) “Destroy the cloning Cycle.” Retrieved from Cloning Learning Monitor.


Stefan stated that "people understand intuitively that bringing children into creation by genetic engineering would be an intentionally provocative act against human decency and uniqueness of the human race, and therefore should be prohibited."


On the other hand, embryo cloning enables scientists to research the use of stem cells for the treatment of illnesses. Scientists are certain that it would be beneficial to put resources into this practice and deregulate the research as they are highly beneficial.


However, Stefan did not articulate his own opinion or decision in an overt way but consolidated on the value of hitting laws for regulating and tracking the practice of genetic engineering. This is the key point he enclosed in his article.


After having a look at the above sample you’d get an idea of how to compose annotations. If it is still something that you find challenging then look for expert help. You may find a professional who provides a paper writing service on online platforms. Get their assistance in becoming a pro at composing such a piece of writing.


Also, one way to build your writing skills is through continuous practice. You cannot expect yourself to learn and build writing capabilities if you do not put effort into it.  The best way to practice is through writing daily. You can also take part in online essay writer competitions. They are a great way to learn too. Pushing your limits to learn something new is how you become a pro in something.


Finally, annotated bibliographies are not as difficult as you think they are. They’re actually pretty easy. With just little practice and giving attention to details, you can compose quality annotations.


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