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Topic: Most Essential Part of a Persuasive Essay

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Topic: Most Essential Part of a Persuasive Essay


The term indicates that persuasive means to convince or persuade someone to agree on a certain point of view. The element of convincing could include anything related to personal affairs, social changes, or national goals. Persuasion could be as small as asking for a car from parents, students asking for the extension of the deadline from the teacher, or national consensus about environmental issues.

A good persuasion should appeal to the audience's feelings with the view that the speaker's point of view is correct. You may have heard or written an essay assignment in high school, but essay writing becomes advanced and crafty in college graduation. If you want to write an effective persuasive essay, you should know its basic principles and techniques devised by academics. Some of these basic principles are as follows.

           Like any other essay type, the essential parts of a persuasive essay are an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Though these are the main parts, several other techniques need to be applied while writing it. You just need to grasp the true gist of the given topic so that you can perform well in your written assignment.


Designing an outline is not an essential task, but it can prove to be helpful in organizing your ideas. This attribute is particularly useful if you are a beginner and facing difficulty in getting started with your essay. 

However, an outline can help you eliminate all the irrelevant options from your essay and include only the pertinent ones. You can write an outline in two formats: the first is the topic outline, and the second is the sentence outline. In the topic outline, you only need to write headings while others demand full sentences.


Introduction mainly discusses the background information about the given topic. You just need to generally discuss your topic for your audience and catch their attention. You can add compelling quotes, facts, and figures about the topic with some interesting hooks. I remember it was a challenging part for me, and I wondered who would  write my paper in this time of need. Though I did not find the answer immediately, posts like these helped me a lot to understand the true meaning of essay writing.  


It is the main part of your essay, and typically a normal size body consists of three paragraphs. However, if you are writing a long persuasive essay, you can include more than three paragraphs. In terms of material, you need to reinforce your initial point of view mentioned in the thesis statement. Every paragraph should be the true manifestation of your thesis statement, and you need to repeat it several times. 

Remember that you are persuading your audience, so you need to add some compelling examples, if possible, from your personal experiences. Writing an excellent persuasive essay could be a little difficult – if it is the case with you too, try to get help from an essay writing service in the form of a free sample essay. You can take guidance from such a sample essay and later write your own by following it.


It would be the last paragraph of your essay that you should start with the reinstatement of your thesis statement. Do not forget that you are persuading your audience to a certain point of view. You must not be confused about your topic; it is the only way you can deliver concise and clear points in your essay. At first, it might be a little difficult, but after some practice, you would be pretty much able to write it well. You can ask a professional essay writer to review your essay once so that you can know how to write my paper for me


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