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The old bone yard was my favorite is gone

The old bone yard was my favorite is gone. We hope it returns. Are you aware of any old battle locations that are still available to new players? Dark castle was not occupied. I had a larger list of OSRS Gold things to add but it's now empty. It's never too early to think that other people might have something to add.

Botting is practiced by those who believe that pking is the sole thing to enjoy in the game and that learning to pk is tedious. They then realize that botting is okay since it doesn't impact other players. It's just letting them play in a more enjoyable environment so they can get excellent accounts for pking.

My belief is that most users who connect to private servers don't do so because of bans or other rwting. They simply want to have a great time pking, and not be able to grind enough to get a good account.

When I was training my third account for pking in 2010, I have thought about botting as it is rather obvious for anyone who has ever trained a pking account that it's boring as hell. Retrospectively, I'm lucky. In the early days many accounts were being taken by botting sites. I decided that it was not a good idea to create an account for pking through botting.

Jagex is not solving this issue. People who bot are bored of the idea of getting levels to fight and for an excellent reason. For years, pkers who were looking to learn to Cheap OSRS Accounts kill mobs the traditional method had to take on the same mobs repeatedly again. There were always minotaurs or monks, or another grindable mob.

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