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The main structural units of dissertation research

Any scientific work consists of 7 main parts - this is the introduction, the main part (1, 2, 3 chapters), conclusions, a list of literature sources, applications (if necessary).

1.Introduction (2-7 pages)

In this part of the work, the author at Write My Papers Company should reasonably justifies his own choice of the research topic, its timeliness of study, focuses on the scientific innovation of the experiments carried out, the theoretical / practical value of the work done.

2.First chapter (21-42 pp.)

The task of the applicant is to compile a literary review based on the analysis of information sources on the topic of the work. At the end of the chapter, working hypotheses, goal / objectives of the study are deduced.

3.The second chapter (9-11 pages)

This part of the thesis contains a detailed description of the working technique (a statement of the essence of the experiment, its full description, a list of the equipment used, etc.). The goal of the applicant is to hire writer at to compose the text so that when reading it, there are no questions about the algorithm of the research being carried out.

4.The third chapter (61-91 pages)

Here the author displays the research results obtained in a visual form (tables, illustrations, graphs with a detailed description of each experiment). Due to the large amount of information, it is recommended to split the chapter into separate paragraphs or add an additional, fourth chapter (relevant for technical theses).

  1. Conclusions

The number of conclusions is directly proportional to the number of tasks assigned. In some works (specific topics), two conclusions are drawn for each problem.

6.List of literature sources

In this section, the applicant indicates in alphabetical order the domestic / foreign works used in the preparation of the dissertation.

  1. Applications

They are an optional part of the qualification work, and consists of data that are not included in the main body of the text of the document. With a large amount of data, applications are divided into several categories with the assignment of its own serial number to each of them.

Abstract: basic information about the document

An abstract is a document that summarizes the main provisions of a candidate's / doctoral research work, therefore, without its presence, the dissertation will not be admitted to the defense procedure. The number of pages should not exceed 15% of the total volume of research work.

Read more about how to write an abstract in essays writing help article.

The document begins with a short, one-paragraph abstract (up to ten lines of typed text). The author briefly describes the essence of the document, the features of the object / subject considered in the thesis and the main tasks. The list of published scientific works must be included in the abstract.

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The structure of the abstract

The abstract consists of 3 main parts: general characteristics, main provisions of the research, conclusion.

  1. General characteristics

The author from should talks about the relevance of the topic of the work by describing its program, presents the readers with data about the selected object, indicates the main purpose of the work and its practical significance in a particular scientific field.

  1. Basic provisions

The goal of the applicant is to reveal the essence of the dissertation structure in accordance with the tasks set, to make a mini-conclusion on each of them.

  1. Conclusion (conclusions)

The main part of the abstract, which indicates the results of the research, conclusions on the tasks and recommendations for application in practice.

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