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Kitchen design in a ship house

Soviet housing was not always convenient. We are used to scolding Khrushchevs for being cramped, panels of the 80s for long useless corridors and tiny bathrooms, brezhnevka for unsuccessful layouts. But the houses of the 600 series in St. Petersburg are something special. In a bad way. The ships got their name for the similarity of the building with the deck superstructures of real liners, but the romance ended there. And the harsh reality began.


The design of the kitchen in the ship house looks like this. All rooms with a 6 at the beginning are kitchens. There are also options for 9 squares, however, they are less common.

At first glance, it seems that 6 meters is not so small, right? Yes, but!

There are plenty of these "buts" in ships:

the gas pipeline runs almost in the center of the wall; the windows are at chest level and the window sill is very small; in the 600.11 series, a tiny single-sash one is added to the large window just under the ceiling; ventilation is poorly thought out and practically does not work; partitions inside the apartment are almost always load-bearing, that is, redevelopment is impossible; the water pipes are embedded in the walls.

But our people are wonderful in that even in such conditions they manage to come up with something convenient.

Also a typical ship: a narrow slab, two bottle-holders at the edges, so as not to waste useful space in vain, communications were hidden behind cabinets.

Lifting mechanisms and automated door opening are a godsend for such kitchens .

The layout is not very diverse: due to the fact that it is completely or partially impossible to demolish the wall, the headset has to be positioned with the letter "G". The refrigerator stands either by the window or by the door. Or it is taken out to another part of the apartment. The dining area is almost always absent, although some still manage to cram a narrow table, which can accommodate 2-3 people, under the window. The kitchen in the ship house will be comfortable and beautiful.

For example, in this loft-style kitchen, the dining area fits. And the refrigerator is not.

Modern kitchens in ships are saved by built-in or small-sized appliances - narrow ovens and hobs for 2 burners, microwave ovens built into a column, dishwashers of 45 cm.Do not best furniture in bangladesh forget that in addition to the headset itself and equipment, you also have to mask the column and leave the counters, and due to the high location of the window, it will not work to turn the window sill into a work surface.

There was not even enough space for the dining area: I took a step, and the kitchen ended.

Modern ready-made headsets for ships, unfortunately, almost never fit - well, except that 2-3 wardrobes in a line are enough for you. And the corner options have to be made to order. However, if you turn to local furniture factories, it can turn out to be quite budgetary. And beautiful, besides.

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