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I've always wished I could post this suggestion directly to Runescape

Avatars can be described as a desert treasure of summoning. However, you cannot make pouches using it or make normal ones. Instead, you can access 16 avatars. They are affixed to your solider and do not participate in combat RS Gold, and are not able to act like normal bob. They do not require any level to unlock them. Their strength grows as you progress to higher levels. You can only summon one class at a given time.

Reduces you range, defense and strength to one, but times your max mage attack by 1.5. Each summoning step above decreases your stats up to 50%. Chance to cast another, lower-level spell that is higher than the one you've already cast. Ice barrages can be accompanied by an Ice blitz. But the second spell can also cause damage to you. Every level of summoning reduces the damage dealt.

Damage from enemies can be taken during combat. But, it can increase your mage's skill by the amount that is taken. Avatar of Deception Your bind spells are more durable, and contain the use of ice. Each level increases the time. The maximum amount of time that each spell can be used is 10 seconds more.

The quest series is my favorite series. It was an idea I had in mind however, Jagex released Legacy of Seergaze so I forgot about it. No more. You must have defeated Dessous from Desert Treasure in order to use the Ring of Charos as a Legacy of Seergaze or Shades of Mort Ton Buy OSRS Fire Cape. Skills: 49 Agility 50 Thieving OR Ranging, 50 Magic, ability to fight enemies up to level 300 using an unwieldy weapon.

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