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Open Source Software for Online Businesses: Summary

Open Source Software for Online Businesses: Summary Open Source Software remodels and reshapes various layers of an organizational ecosystem that is becoming a strategic asset for many enterprises. One of the beneficiaries of the OSS movement is the online business; due to some technical aspects of the implementation process, OSS is still not very popular among online businesses. One technological risk relates to interface compatibility issues that most online businesses find hindering their ability to adopt OSS. The current research project delves into this matter by exploring the roles and goals of online businesses, reviewing open source software and discussing technological risks involved in its adoption before shifting to the specific issue of interface portability problem. The project explores various solutions available to online enterprises, which are willing to adopt OSS for their businesses. Based on the evaluation of the roles and goals of online businesses and the platforms, across which the businesses engage with their customers, such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, FreeBSD and even Web, the analysis suggests implementation using platform-independent Graphical User Interface . PIGUI enables online businesses to develop software that is portable across multiple platforms without making any changes to the source code. Essentially, the paper argues that once an organization has implemented OSS within its framework, interface portability issues can be solved by adding packages that implement PIGUI. Moreover, the upfront costs of PIGUI on open source platforms are low because the packages are also available on open source forums. From the many available open source of PIGUI, the analysis suggests that such programming languages as Tcl/Tk, Ecere SDK , and LCL/Lazarus represent good choices. However, eC seems to be more preferable for online business, since the language offers interface more portability for platforms that serves to improve accessibility for the consumer population. This paper was written about IT theme. If you intersted in something similar you can follow

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