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Where to find the WPS pin on the hp printer?

The main role of a WPS pin on a printer is to create a wireless connection with another device through a router or Access point. But at first, the thing that you need to do is find a WPS pin on your HP Printer to establish the connection between the devices and allows the user to print any document on the go, at any moment of time. Basically, the WPS pin is located on the backside of your HP printer and used to set up an HP printer. To set up your printer wirelessly you need a WPS pin code, which will be used for your printer setup. If you are a non-tech personal then you can always get reliable assistance from HP Printer Support, whenever you get the time for your printer setup.

Connect HP printer using WPS Pin

If you want to connect your HP printer via a WPS pin then you need to go through the steps given below:

  1. First and foremost go to the control panel of the HP printer and click on the "Wireless Button" or "WPS Pin" on the settings.
  2. Now install Download and install HP printer drivers on your device.
  3. Now select "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" during the Printer setup process and follow the instruction carefully.
  4. Then open the WPS pin on your wireless router only when you see the msg on the printer control panel.
  5. Now continue with the printer setup by connecting your printer and device with the same wireless network.
  6. Now select a document, go for the trial print, and you are good to go as your wireless printer setup is now complete.

Still, you are having trouble while setting up your printer through the instruction that is given above. Then feel free to get expert assistance from HP printer Support at any moment of time.

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