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As a dude who has fought obesity my entire life

One of my least favourite fucking things is that body positivity was appropriated by fat people who do not want to confront the facts and lose the weight, rather than being used to help people with Animal Crossing Bells lost limbs, surgical scars, and skin conditions.Or even: be positive about your body. I don't fucking care. It's likely a more enjoyable way to survive than being negative and fat about it and not doing something about it (ie. What I'm doing).

Makes you seem as bad as climate change deniers and flat earthers.My favourite part is when they bully people that have the audacity to talk about their wellbeing, or any form of exercise. Apparently it's fatphobic to post about running when fat men and women exist...

You are not even safe if you are"one of them" lmao. I left a post congradulating Elliott Page on coming out, and all of the comments I got were people yelling at me for"deadnaming him" because I said"previously called Ellen Page." Like what, it's illegal to catch people who are outside of this loop?

As a dude who has fought obesity my entire life, it is not quite as easy as going to the fitness center and/or eating fewer calories. There's generally some sort of eating disorder inherent it a lot of individuals dismiss as"an unhealthy relationship with food."

The body positivity people are unable to come to terms with the reality that their actions are detrimental to them. They want to be seen as okay just the way they are, like an alcoholic that does not recognize how bad its gotten and blames everyone around them for the problems their addiction creates.

Fat shaming is bad. It is not constructive and likely drives most obese men and women who take it deeper in their bad habits. But Jesus, we could be honest with ourselves and admit that the way we're living isn't good for us, even if it's really hard to quit living that way.Oh my god I had forgotten how ludicrously cringe that entire thing was. As if the message itself was not bad enough, her talking and mannerisms are so incredibly conceited and patronizing it hurts. Also how many times must it be pointed out that dreads/braids are not particular to"black culture" (as if it might have mattered anyway)

I needed to come to the comments to find out wtf they were referring to as shameful face because the character does not look black to me. The drawing is actually fairly ambiguous

She is literally 16 years old and has gone through horrible loss with buy Animal Crossing Items both her mother and her sister expiring recently (seperate incidents), and she has to take care of randoms attacking her bc of a tan. She's had a rough fucking go of it, idk how people bring themselves to keep putting down her on something so insignificant.

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