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Ahh so that you return to me?

Ahh so that you return to me? (two choices ) An adventurer seeks a military to RS gold help fight off a great disturbance in the forest An adventurer attempts an army to help fight a great disturbance in the forest. Well you have helped me eliminate that mad man King Tyras previously so I suppose I do owe you. Thanks, he will be pleased. Actually, I have to go (you depart the dialogue ). Go backtrack all of the way through the forest or teleport into ardougne and stroll north west.

Speak to the adventurer. Have you gotten an army? Yes! Lord Lorwerth of the elves has agreed to help us! Excellent! I suggest you speak to the king of the gnomes and determine if he can help. You depart the dialogue and go until the grand tree and talk with the king. Hello! What are you needing? An adventurer needs your help in beating a disturbance in the forest

Well you have helped defeat that dreadful man who tried to ruin our tree and you have recovered my army so I suppose I owe you. Thanks! The adventurer is going to be happy. Nothing thanks (You exit the dialogue ) Go back to the adventurer and inform him that the gnomes have assembled an army. The adventurer will give you three crystal pieces. I've done research and found that the entrance to the demon's lair can be attained by putting these crystals onto rocks on the ground.

Where can I find them? Alright. (You exit the conversation) you ought to visit the gnome tree bank to get out your armour and weapon and meals and also a 1 click teleport (rather the ectophial). Go back and put the 3 crystals on a little triangle on the floor and also a trapdoor will look. Proceed and you'll be greeted with the adventurer, 10 gnomes, and 10 elves and lord lorwerth. There'll be a cutscene of this army saying random things like"Lets do this!" etc..

You can opt to fight or just stand back. It's advised you fight since the elves are just level 90 and the gnomes are level 23 and also the adventurer does not hit high with his crossbow. They'll be able to buy RuneScape gold create kills though but you battling will make it go quicker. The place has a dark force inside any prayer triggered will probably be turned away. Not emptied. You won't even have the ability to access the prayer display. After the kebbits are dead your troops will feel tired and can no longer continue. You'll have to fight yourself. When you are prepared, you will have to cross a rope bridge right into a small room. You find a deadfall rock. Click on"Search" and the king kebbit will look.

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