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Make a thread about the giveaway and then I shall ask questions such as.

If you're speaking about RuneScape gold a sign-up topic where people may sign-up then you draw arbitrary names and just send the winners the code (without any strings attached or without anything else), then that could be considered fine. A charity give-away is perfectly fine. A commerce of favours however, is not. Yeah am speaking about Subscription codes, I have about 7 Subscription Codes (I think but I need to test again) that I wont use, and so I chose to give it away to those of you whom cant afford to purchase 1

I had been thinking to do like this: Make a thread about the giveaway and then I shall ask questions such as. Why should I give you a Membership? Why would you like Runescape? What will you do with the Membership? These queries will make it effortless for me to select a winner and to prevent members from selling the code or to prevent lazy spammers getting them.

"Normal" (as in not Nex) GWD armour is much more than sufficient for Slayer tasks. Not quite expensive (for somebody with your tools ), doesn't need to be mended and gives offensive bonuses. Barrow gloves are not too good anymore, they are hybrid gloves so they have some uses but if I were you I would find exactly the TWW automaton gloves (Static, Pneumatic and Tracking). They're the gloves equivalent of Glacor boots.

Amulet of fury is nonetheless a fantastic amulet, the best hybrid amulet in reality. Melee weapons if you do not have chaotics you can purchase Drygores, they are better but really expensive. If you do not need to spend a great deal of money then simply use your Saradomin Godsword. (or move train cheap OSRS gold Dung and find a maul)

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