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This is the best spot in general as it provides

LEVELS 24-58 FLY FISHING. After you're finished with Sea Slug you can go fishing in Barbarian Village or even Lumbridge. Alternatively, to this method, you can catch normal fishes in Lumbridge near the RS gold castle. Same as before you are going to be dropping most of catched fish.

LEVELS 58-99 BARBARIAN FISHING. On these levels you want to catch your very first manhood only fish. It is suggested to visit Otto's Grotto in which you can catch Leaping fish (eg. You may get there by using games necklace, teleporting to Barbarian Assault minigame and running south west from there. Here is the most efficient and best method to maximum your fishing level in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is the best spot in general as it provides best experience per hour for your own Fishing xp. Ratio To start Barbarian training you want to speak to Otto and click search option under his mattress where it's possible to find necessary tools - Heavy Fishing Rod also called Barbarian Rod. You'll also have to bring some feathers and fishing lure as one of those is needed. Apart from leveling Fishing you will also earn some Strength and Agility xp. Remember that it is a place where you shed the fish from your inventory. There is not any place for banks nearby.

MAKING MONEY ON FISHING. Fishing is a collecting skill and because of that players will gain items during training that will let them make gold it off. This ability can be quite rewarding especially when combined with cooking which will additionally boost gold produced.

Monkfish. In 62 level of Fishing, player can catch one of the favorite consumables in RuneScape. Monkfish can be captured with a small fishing web at Piscatoris fishing colony. The very best way to get there involves usage of Fairy Rings (code AKQ). As this fish is utilized by many during cooking practice and as a food for fights it is selling easily on Grand Exchange and is very profitable. It's also great in terms of expertise per hour at higher levels. There's only one downside - completion of Swan Song pursuit is required to fish there.

Shark. To catch Raw Shark all that you will need is a harpoon. Though they are slower to grab and are not as rewarding as monkfish they can be a nice alternative to people that are cheap OSRS gold bored by preceding locations.

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